Project Description

The Exide Eride Plus Activation 2018 spanned across 5 states – Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Delhi NCR – was the biggest on-ground activation for the 70 year old brand Exide so far. Conceptualized, planned and executed by Servmarc Communion Private Limited, the planning stage & detailed modus operandi took more than 2 months to finalize and streamline as there were multiple regions to cover. The concept we devised was small Meet and Greet events in as many dealer outlets as possible in each of these 5 states. We identified the major markets in these states where the Toto/Erickshaw is the main public conveyance and we adjusted our focus and priority according to the market potential and size. This on-ground activation campaign ensured a sales boost of the newly launched Eride Plus batteries used in Toto/Erickshaws in the suburbs and rural belts of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Delhi NCR. We came up with a 4-5 months plan ensuring the bonding with the end consumers (i.e. Toto drivers) with measurable and tangible aspects of how to calculate the generation of sales because of this campaign. The objective was very clear right from the onset – we were allowed to go out on the drive to execute this campaign with a clear vision of enhancing primarily, sales and brand awareness for this newly launched brand.